TV actors choose colours to reflect their personality

Mumbai: Finally, it’s the time to celebrate the colours of festival and the colours of Holi are fun and inspiring. As we know, different colour signifies different personality, mood and emotion. So, to mark the occasion of Holi, TV actors share their Holi memories and talk about their favourite colours.

Sandeep Anand: I am totally colourful when it comes to my personality. I love the colour in happiness as well as sadness, I relate to colours. For me, purple reflects my personality as it has a lot of colours hidden in it. As a child, I used to go crazy playing Holi. I am from a small town and, as children, we were not aware of the importance of saving water and helping the environment. I want to wish all my fans a very happy Holi and I also want to give them a message: ‘please save water’.

Randeep Rai: Colours are the best part of our lives. Everything can be reflected in colours. My favourite colour is yellow because it is bright and cheerful. That is how I want to be every day. Holi is here and I will be playing it with a lot of colour this year.

Kajol Shrivastava: If I have to choose a colour that reflects my personality, it will be blue. The colour blue reminds me of the ocean, it’s calm and serene, and that is how I am too. I want to wish my fans a very happy Holi. Be safe and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Ankush Bali: Holi is my favourite festival. Right from yummy food to colourful gulaal, I have always loved Holi. As a child, we used to wait for Holi and then play it the entire day! If I have to choose my favourite colour, it will be red. I feel red signifies life and vitality. It is the most cheerful colour. I associate myself with red colour.

Abraam Pandey: Back home, there is a tradition where we apply gulaal on the feet of the elders to ask for blessings. When I was a kid, we would play Holi all morning. We would drag our friends out from their houses and throw them in the pond, which was close to my house. We would dance to the drum beat. While playing Holi as children, we would eat at any of the houses, we really didn’t care. In the evening, we would dress up and play again. It was an unending binge of dry foods and festival food, colours, and blessings. I must say green is the perfect colour that reflects my personality because I like to improvise things. I don’t believe in getting tangled up in details. I am creative and imaginative and love coming up with innovative solutions rather than being worried about problems. Green signifies growth, which is similar to what I want in life as well.

Himanshu Soni: Holi is always a festival that I enjoy and I love to play with colours. It is a good day to catch up with all my friends. We usually hop parties and this year I’m planning to host my own. My favourite colour is yellow because it is bright and shiny and it inspires me.

Himmanshoo Malhotra: Every Holi is usually different and very colourful and every Holi you meet a different set of friends and party. I absolutely enjoy it all the time. I think the colour red would reflect my personality over a period of time because it’s a combination of passion and dispassion. I feel red is very fiery and feisty.

Hrishikesh Pandey: I remember playing Holi as a child. We would eat non-stop and would continue playing till the sun went down. As a grown up too, Holi remains my favourite festival. I generally attend a few parties and I might even host one this year. I feel the colour yellow really inspires me. It signifies happiness and who doesn’t want to be happy.

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