What’s keeping Rupali Bhosle busy these days?



Pretty and talented Rupali Bhosle, who was last seen on SAB TV’s Badi Dooooor Aaye Hain, has currently taken a break from work. The lovely actress who is still remembered for her role of Varsha in the show is now focusing on her fitness as she feels that being fit is the essence of leading a happy life.

In a conversation with Tellychakkar.com, Rupali talks about her break, future plans and much more. Read on to know what she has to share with us –

She said, “I have been constantly working for long. It’s always like one project used to get over and another one was always in pipeline for me and there was no break at all for myself. I was just focusing on proper diet and good eating habits in order to stay healthy. Now I have joined Kathak classes and I have started going to the Gym which starts at 5:30 in the morning and continues till 7:30. I am undergoing tough training sessions and cardio to keep myself fit. Earlier, I just used to be busy shooting and did not get time for all this. So now I think it’s a good time for me to get into proper shape and make a comeback as a different Rupali.”

“Fitness is very important; not just for actors but it’s essential for everybody. You have to be fit from within if you want to live a long life. We just wake up in the morning, freshen up and have breakfast. Instead we should at least spend an hour’s time for our self in order to stay fit and healthy,” she added.

When we asked about her plans to return to television then she said, “I will be busy with the Gym till March and April and then I have a photo shoot and a Marathi movie lined up. There are a few television offers but I don’t want to get into the daily routine again because currently my concentration is on something else and then I would make a comeback with television.”

Rupali, who still receives overwhelming messages from her fans with a request to come up again with a new season of Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hain, feels quite happy about it and she commented, “It would be great if the show comes up with its season 2. Vasant (Sumeet Raghavan) and Varsha are still fans’ favorite couple and I am glad that we did live up to their expectation. They still make collages for Vasant and Varsha. The fans would be happier than us if the show will make a comeback with its season 2 and we would be happy to work again for it.”

We also asked Rupali as what kind of roles she would like to play in future. She revealed, “I would like to take up something different like Varsha, which was a completely different role. I want to do something that I will enjoy playing and the audience will enjoy watching. I wouldn’t mind doing a negative role. I am watching Sony TV’s Beyhadh these days. I love Maya’s character and I wish I could do a similar role some day. There is a lot to play in that role. There is a grey shade; there is love and possessiveness in her character. There is a lot in her that makes the role challenging. I would really want to play a role like that.”

Good luck, Rupali.

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