Prince declines to play Lord Shiva in Badho Bahu; here’s why…


Many actors deny roles citing date issues or simply because they didn’t like the role. But here’s an interesting story of why Prince Narula declined to essay the character of Lord Shiva. Prince who is seen as Lucky on &TV’s Badho Bahu was recently asked to play Lord Shiva for one scene where his wife Badho imagines Lucky i.e. Prince as Lord Shiva but to everyone’s surprise the actor denied to play the role. Wondering what went wrong?

Prince who is a fitness freak follows a strict diet which involves eating a lot of protein and chicken. Since Prince had already consumed some chicken for breakfast the same day the actor refused playing Lord Shiva. This proves that strong built man has a soft and loving heart. He believes in some religious norms very seriously and sticks by it. Eventually the entire scene had be called off and a new script was rewritten.

Talking about the incident Prince Narula shares, “The screenplay had just come in and I was told about the scene and to play  the character of Lord Shiva at a very short notice. I can’t play the role of any Gods the day I have had non-veg. The day I am required to play such a role I will make sure I do not consume non-veg. Well it was my personal call and I am glad that my producer Deepti ji and the channel understood my sentiments and allowed me to skip the same.”

That’s quite a heartwarming decision, isn’t it?

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