Vikas asks Hina to stay away from Priyank!

Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan’s animosity is in no way coming to an end in the Bigg Boss house. Out of the 24 hours the makers cannot air everything in just an hour; even though some very important things happen.
TellyChakkar has got its hands in one such unseen video of Bigg Boss wherein an interesting conversation is happening between Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan.
The whole conversation was around Priyank and Divya’s sensational breakup. Hina enters the room, while talking about Priyank. In the whole discussion happening in the bedroom, Vikas tells Hina that the whole break up episode was just for the cameras. Vikas tells Hina that Priyank is doing this just for footage. While Hina was trying to defend her friend, Vikas, asks her that why Priyank cried so much after Divya broke up with him. Hina tells Vikas, Priyank told her that he and Divya had spoken about this outside the show already and he doesn’t understand why she had to come here and do this on national television. Vikas then states, it wasn’t Priyank‘s fault, it was all done for the cameras.
In conclusion, Vikas suggests that Hina should stay away from Priyank. He tells her that even Hina’s fans would question her credibility if she gets into this mess.
What do you guys think? Do you think Divya and Priyank’s whole breakup saga was just for the cameras?

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