These are the contestants nominated by Arshi Khan this week

Arshi Khan is helming the captaincy this week and things aren’t going great. Bigg Boss has planned to add fuel to fire, through nominations. This week, the nominations have been in yet another unusual way just like the other weeks.
As earlier reported that for the 12 week of eliminations, the makers have given Arshi a trump card. According to the criteria, the inmates would be divided into two teams viz, Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan. Bigg Boss will give the two teams individual apples, while Arshi will have the power to throw apples from the team. The first team as a whole to lose three apples will be up for eviction.
Well, no points for guessing whom Arshi will nominate. We have seen how Arshi and Shilpa have been not getting along since the last few weeks. On the other hand Hiten backstabbed her in the last week by not saving her. This came as a shocker to Arshi Khan and she lost all her love, respect for him.
So no points for guessing! Arshi nominates Shilpa’s team, leading to everyone from the team to get nominated. Well this surely won’t be a good news for Luv Tyagi. The handsome lad will be facing eviction against the biggies like Shilpa and Hiten. Seems this was a well knit plan by the makers so as to put Luv up for elimination. Maybe that could also be the reason why the makers put the mastermind Vikas in the opposite team so that he could not manipulate Arshi’s decision.

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