Bulbul is seen dancing with a masked man pretending to be Purab during her engagement. He takes out chloroform and makes her smell it. Main Wahan Ja Tu Hai……………..plays……Reporter says there is a twist in her engagement. Someone tries to kidnap her. Bulbul is obvious to the strong plan. Reporter asks her to be careful and asks him not to dance with him. He says Pragya and Bulbul are very happy with the latter’s engagement. Pragya dances with Bulbul when Abhi refused to dance with her.

The masked man comes to Pragya and gives his hand. When Pragya refused, he dances with Bulbul. He turns out to be the corporator who was mad about Bulbul. Just look at Bulbul’s uncomfortable expressions. Bulbul says he was trying to get close to her and it was too much for her. Purab comes to her rescue and takes her from there. Bulbul thanks him for saving at the last moment from the masked man. Reporter says there will be a twist again as Pragya will be kidnapped instead of Bulbul. Pragya gets kidnapped by some goons while she is going somewhere in her car. Keep reading.

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