Ishaan’s mother have done a big conspiracy. Urmi is going to marry Ishaan. Didi Tere Devar plays……..Reporter says Urmi’s brother in law has gone crazy and is trying to woo Urmi. Sometimes he gives flowers to woo her, or sometime he bites her finger and touches her hand. Urmi says he is a cheap brother in law and tries to flirt with her. She says she saw these kinds of brother in law flirting with their bhabhi’s and Sundar is one of them. Sundar apologizes to Urmi and says her hand must have looked beautiful to his teeth. Reporter says there is a twist behind his doings. Urmi says it is a conspiracy by his mother to break her marriage with Ishaan. Sundar is doing this on Ishaan’s mother insistence to make Ishaan feel bad. Ishaan’s mother accepts to be behind the conspiracy.

Reporter asks what is her motive behind it. Ishaan’s mother says men are very weak emotionally, so when he sees Urmi with someone then he may break the alliance. Reporter asks her to show the tattoo. She shows it off and says it is very painful to have tattoo. Reporter says Urmi’s troubles are going to increase with Samrat’s entry. Urmi says Samrat is going to come back after her marriage. Samrat says he is back to zero and have to return the money to the lenders. Once again he will try to trouble Urmi. Reporter says she is making yummy laddoos. Urmi says she can make all kinds of laddoos, being a married housewife. She says they make special laddoos in the winter. Reporter wishes best for her. Keep reading.

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