The reporter says Abhi reached to Dargah to pray for Pragya. He did not get Pragya but he has got two friends there. Maula Maula plays….. Abhi is shown praying at the Dargah. The reporter says one accident has changed Abhi and Pragya’s love story and lives.

Pragya meets with an accident and Abhi rushes her to the hospital. She is critical and he is broken within. He goes to the Dargah and prays for her recovery. The reporter says Arjun and Purvi of Pavitra Rishta fame are back for their fans.

Offscreen Arjun says he is here for the fans as they miss them a lot, when we get the chance, we just do it. The reporter says Arjun and Purvi’s car will be doing Pragya’s accident by mistake and they will rush her to hospital. They were returning from the party and this accident happens. They will be shown at dargah too praying for Pragya.

Pragya is treated in OT and the couple calls Abhi there. The reporter says this episode will be aired as Maha Episodes, Arjun and Purvi did shoot for 3 days.

Offscreen Abhi says they are good actors, it was nice experience. The reporter says Purvi will show how the home was made Dargah. Purvi shows Balaji’s set of BALH and now its turned into Dargah. Keep reading.

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