There is a leap again. The reporter says Sanam has changed again. Everything is changed by the leap. Qubool Hai has changed again. Surbhi tells how her mum died for love and she lost her life for love, now it will be doom and it will be new start. The reporter says everything will change except Surbhi. She has not turned into Mahira and shows her new look of hair pleats and specs, in a simple salwar suit.

Offscreen Surbhi says her look and mannerism are different. The new hero is Azaad. The actor Rajveer played Hatim. Aditi says she is Bangle Wali Badi Begum, its Season 3 and her powers will be going. Season 4 begins now and she can’t tell about her role more.

The reporter says Surbhi will be seen in non glamorous role. Offscreen Rajveer says he will give his best. He will be seen as Bangle Wali Begum’s son. There will be something new to see this time. The revenge drama will be continuing between Aditi and Surbhi. Keep reading.

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