Krishna to announce her marriage with Gungun in Ayushman Bhava

Citram Screens and White Horse International’s Ayushman Bhava has been witnessing much drama in its storyline. The revenge drama has been astonishing it’s viewers with some or the other big twist in every episode.
TellyChakkar has learned that in the coming episode, a major showdown is expected. The makers have planned something big in terms of a storyline for their viewers. According to a little birdie from the show in the upcoming episode, Krishna (played by Summit Bhardwaj) will announce that he’ll be marrying Gungun (Tisha Kapoor) in front of the media.
It happens so, Gungun will be attending a rave party and as her bodyguard Krishna will also be there with her. Police will raid the party along with the media. In order to save Gungun and keep her dignity intact Krish will announce in front of the cameras that he is getting married to Gungun.
As soon as Vikrant (Manish Goel) watches him announcing the marriage proposal to his daughter, his blood will start boiling. When Krish will be dropping Gungun at her place safely and returning he will find Virkant along with his bodyguards surrounding him.
Vikrant and his goons will start beating Krish badly. That is when Gungun will come out and explain things to her father (Vikrant). She will explain to him that Krish only announced the marriage to save her.
What will happen next is something the viewers will get to see once the episode comes out.

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