Ketki Dave and Apara Mehta’s daughters to compete in Rasoi Ki Jung

In this week’s episode of COLORS’ Rasoi ki Jung Mummyon ke Sung, we will see uninterrupted Dhamaal with the Reel and Real Life mothers – Apara Mehta and Ketki Dave – with their beautiful daughters – Khushali Mehta and Riddhi Dave.
Daughters of Apara Mehta & Ketki Dave the popular on-screen ‘maa’ will compete with each other. Even before their daughters begin with the challenge, their inner filmy self will take over. Ketki Dave and Apara Mehta will be seen emotionally blackmailing their daughters, like dramatic 60s’ Bollywood moms, with words like – Yeh tumhari maa ki izzat ka sawal hai and khaandaan ka naam roshan karna.
As Khushali, Apara’s daughter forgets to pick 3 ingredients to make the dish assigned to her, Rithvik will make her do Garba with her mother, as penalty. Later, Riddhi Dave who has to cook Gujarati dish Dhanzak, will forget to pick two ingredients, and as a penalty Riddhi and Ketki will have to dance on the song Udi Udi Jaaye, along with Rithvik.
Till date, Rasoi ki Jung Mummyon ke Sung has been seeing mothers of famous celebrities being a part of the show, but what happens when the Dramatic celebrity moms become a part of the show along with their daughters? Drama, Food cooked with love and lots of dancing – the upcoming episode of Rasoi ki Jung Mummyon ke Sung is going to be all about that and so much more.

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