Jasmin Bhasin: I follow the Jo-dil-mai-aaye-kha-lo-diet!

Actor Jasmin Bhasin has always been quite a role model when it comes to fitness. The actor, who is part of Bigg Boss 14, says that no binging and some Yoga is her secret to success. “I am not somebody who works out and since the lockdown, it’s been six months that I haven’t gone to the gym. To stay fit, I am avoiding binging on things. I only eat when I am hungry and I eat in small portions. I try doing a little bit of yoga as well for a fit body,” she says.

The actor says that being fit is not only about looking good but feeling good too. “A healthy and a happy mind is the need of the hour. I have always believed that our life depends on how we think and the way we perceive things, how we conspire and it is always important to keep our mind healthy and happy. It’s very important to do some yoga, have family and friends around with whom we can talk. Communication plays a key role in keeping our mind healthy,” she says.

Ask her if she follows a diet, and she says, “I follow the jo-dil-mai-aaye-kha-lo-diet to keep myself healthy because I feel our body lets us know everything! I feel it is important to eat everything but in limit of course.”

The actor says that it’s not fair when people judge others on the basis on how they look or what size they are. “I feel body-shaming is the worst thing to do. We all come in different shapes and sizes and that doesn’t make any of us less than others. A lot of people ask me how to get thin and the first thing I ask them is do you really want to get thin? Will it really make you happy or do you just want to be thin because you look at others and you think it will make you feel better? It’s important to love your body,” she says.

Jasmin says that she has never made herself feel miserable just so that she can lose weight. “Honestly, I am somebody who has never been bothered about working out or losing weight. I know that if for a certain period of time I have to stay really fit, then I would workout a lot. But I will never feel unhappy and feel like I am missing out on eating things. I never put myself in that situation because if I am not happy then as an actor I cannot perform and give my best to my character. But yes, when it is required, I know where to control my diet and how to burn those extra calories by working extra hard. I don’t mind doing it but I cannot stop eating what I feel like,” she says.

In fact, the actor loves how her body reacts to food. “Honestly, I don’t think I would like to swap my body with anybody because I think I have fantastic metabolism. I feel I have a perfect body and I would never like to swap it with anybody. I have a body which I can transform in whatever way I like. I feel beautiful about myself,” she says.

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