Fans make us who we are, say TV actors

While they appreciate their fans and the love they shower on them, these TV actors share with us how they manage the unending requests for selfies and autographs from them.

Shridhar Watsar: Fans means a lot to me, especially kids. Their reactions are genuine, not biased. However, I have come across some people who pretend to be fans just for the sake of some selfies for social media. Sometimes, they don’t even know me or our show. They just need selfie yo upload.

Ankit Bathla: Fans are like oxygen and just like how oxygen is important for a human being, fans are integral for an actor. We always keep talking about TRP’s and shows working or not working and that’s all because of them. When fan actually comes to take selfies, it’s really nice because it’s a very fulfilling feeling. However, there are times when you really yearn to get some private time, so then it gets a bit tough. But obviously you need to be polite to them.

Mreenal Deshraj: Fans are the ones who make you feel special, who love you and appreciate you. They show their love and support towards you by making edits, VMS, writing fan fiction, poems, love letters, and messages. They make you smile each and every day without expecting anything in return. That’s the beauty, they express their feelings in this unconditional way. If I’m well dressed, I don’t mind clicking selfies. But I don’t appreciate it when you are coming out from a doctor’s clinic when you are sick and in no mood to get clicked. That is annoying. After getting clicked by a few, I run away from the venue. Also, I feel bad for other people who are with me as they get bored. A person’s popularity is usually based on their fan following. They make you who you are. I believe an actor is nothing if he doesn’t have fans. They are the most important thing in an actor’s life.

Rohitashv Gour: Fans are very important in the actor’s life because fans are the ones who can make you or break you. So it’s our responsibility to respect our fans as it is because of them that we are who we are today. Many a time, fans become crazy but at that time you need to deal with them with love.

Ansh Bagri: Fans mean a lot to me because reality is that if you are an artist and you don’t have fans, then it is a waste. Every artist wants to inspire people by acting and many other ways like singing, dancing and if there won’t be fans then how will he grow? Their appreciation is very important, it motivates us to do more good work. What I am today is all because of my fans. I love clicking pictures with my fans because it makes them happy.

Aastha Chaudhary: In an actor’s life, fans are very important because if fans are there, then only we exist. If any show or movie becomes a hit, then all the credit goes to the fans. Fans and actors are parallel to each other. When your show is on air, where ever you go, people come to click selfies and as much as it is possible I click selfies with them. But sometimes, being a girl, I need to be more careful because when boys come to take selfies, they come a little closer. An actor is nothing without his fans because they watch our show that’s the reason we are called actors.

Avinash Mishra: Fans are family to me because whatever work we do, we do it for them and in return, the appreciation which we get from them is amazing. Undoubtedly, whatever I do, I look forward to the responses I get from my fans. Whenever I go to public places, people recognize me and come for selfies. I try to meet everyone. We are incomplete without our fans.

Vrushika Mehta: I have always said that for me, the people who have supported me in my journey are not my fans but my well-wishers and extended family. Sometimes when I go out, people do ask for selfies, they always take permission before clicking so I respect that about them. We are called actors because of our profession, but we become celebrities because of our fans, well-wishers, they are the ones celebrating us. So I think we are blessed to have such a strong support system.

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