CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Anupamaa and Leela give a new twist to ‘Machhli Jal Ki Raani’

MUMBAI: Anupamaa is the most adored show on television right now with TRPs nothing less than 4 on weekly basis. Its gripping storyline and mind-blasting twists keep the audience glued to their screens. Fans and viewers have connected to Anupamaa so deeply that they couldn’t afford to miss even a single episode of the show.

Well, in a conversation with Leela aka Alpana Buch, she had shared about her bond with Rupali Ganguly, here’s what she shared, ‘ Whenever we both have the same call time, we go to work together. Rupali and I share a really tight bond, whenever I cook something special I make sure to take it a little extra for her. She is fond of sweets so I make sure to take them for her. Rupali and I are the same saas bahu offsets as well, I often scold her for not keeping her room tidy, for being a little careless and she keeps complaining that I nudge like her husband, hahaha but it is all about the love and care that we have for each other.’

Well, now the duo is back with yet another fun thing, where Leela is in an empty pool, Rupali aka Anupamaa shoots a video where Baa is singing the perfect nursery rhyme Macchli Jal Ki Raani but both of them add a new twist to it:
Currently, in the show, Anuj and Anupamaa are going back home and Anuj holds her hand. He asks her if she is ok with it, and Anupamaa too holds his hand. They walk back home. Anupamaa gets ready for office and is struggling to keep her pleats in place. Anuj helps her with that and tells her that if she was Malvika’s bhabhi, he would have done it daily. GK hears this conversation and tells Anuj that Anupamaa too didn’t mind him saying that which means she also loves him. Later, GK asks Anupamaa if she loves Anuj and she says yes. He asks her to tell this to Anuj but Anupamaa wants to wait till things between Anuj and Malvika are sorted. GK agrees to it. Malvika tells Vanraj that Anuj will give the presentation. Vanraj says that he is ok with it, but Anupamaa knows that he is not fine.

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