Bigg Boss 15: Exclusive! Vishal Singh reveals he always wanted to do Bigg Boss; talks about the season being very boring says that Devoleena is a good player but she needs to control her anger

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss is just two weeks away from the finale of the show and in spite of that the contestants are doing nothing on the show and were canceling the ticket to the finale task and thus Bigg Boss and the makers had to bring in some change on the show.

The makers of the show decided to call four challengers into the house where they would be giving a task to the contestants and Rakhi would be the sanchalak of the show and whoever wins the task would go into the finale week.

We did see in yesterday’s episode how Karan and Umar won the task and have reached the finale week and during Pratik and Shamita’s round since both did the task so well the sanchalak couldn’t decide on one name and thus, both didn’t get the finale ticket.

One of the challengers who have entered the show is television actor Vishal Singh. He rose to fame with his performance as Jigar Modi in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.

Vishal has a crazy fan following and now his fans are excited to see him inside the Bigg Boss house.

Tvmag, got in touch with the actor and asked him what made him do the show, what he thinks about this season and more.

Why did you agree to come on the show, was there a specific reason?

I have been a huge fan of the show and I always wanted to be a part of the show. But whenever the show was offered to me I was worried if I could do the show or no, as surviving inside the house is not easy and thus when this offer came to me I thought it was a good opportunity for me to be in the house and take the experience of it as I am a huge fan of the show and its always good to be working on the first day of the year.

What do you think of the current season is the show exciting?

This year I have been following the show and this year the show wasn’t that exciting, something was missing. The contestant didn’t have the junnon to play or complete the task which one did see in the previous seasons. How could they cancel the ticket to finale task as it’s such an important task and thus the challengers had to enter the show to wake these contestants up.

Now the task that we gave I guess Nishant and Karan just nailed it and guess both deserved to be on the show but then only one could be chosen and thus Karan made it to the finale week.

Who are your favorite contestant and what do you think of Karan’s game?

For me, I feel Shamita is really playing the game well and in a dignified manner, she is better of when she is playing alone and she doesn’t need any alliance or support to be in the game.

As far as Karan’s game is concerned, yes definitely he was at the top of the game in the initial days one could see him as a winner of the show but then post the Tejasswi angle his game fell down and the focus was shifted but now slowly he is coming up in the game and he has all the potential to win the show.

What are your thoughts about Devoleena’s game?

Devoleena is a very strong contestant in the show and she doesn’t think before giving her views on certain issues but she should control her anger and be less emotional and should be very careful in what she says.

Well, there is no doubt that with the entry of the challengers the dynamics of the game have changed and the show will get interesting from here.

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