Bigg Boss 11: Business-Banking winner prediction

Disclaimer: – This is a mere prediction on the basis of reasons and topics discussed below. business banking has no biases towards any of the contestants and on our analysis predict the winner of the padosi edition.

The 11th season of Colors’ Bigg Boss has been quite a fruitful venture for the GEC. The season was a hit among the masses and a topic of discussion in the industry. Just a few more days and few more hours and the winner of the eleventh edition of the controversial series will be revealed. Earlier business banking rolled out a piece on why we think Vikas, Hina and Shilpa deserve to be the winner of this year. However, as we all know the winner will only be one contestant.

So being an avid follower of the series and this season, business banking predicts one name that could walk away with the trophy on the eve of 14 January.

We have watched the whole season and each and every episode. As per our prediction – based on logical reasoning, we feel that there would be a tough competition amidst Shilpa, Hina and Vikas. There’s a high possibility that like past seasons Vikas may walk away taking a sum of approximately 1 million or coming as the 2nd runner-up. Yes, as far as our analysis is concerned the top two will have Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. Considering the humongous fan base both these TV actresses enjoy, it won’t be a shocker if they wind up as the top two contestants.

And business banking’s prediction for the winner is … wait for it… Shilpa Shinde. Yes, we feel that Bhabhiji fame actress has the highest possibility of walking away with the coveted title. Here’s our logical reasons for our prediction:

Entertainment quotient

No wonder this season has had entertaining contestants but there was literally a time when the show was all about Shilpa and Vikas. While other contestants at least waited for the first week to start their strategies, Shilpa began at the inception. The debatable Vikas – Shilpa brawl was the highlight of the season for five consecutive weeks. Somehow, Shilpa has engaged the audience throughout the season. Everyone has her name in mind and it won’t be shocking if she is crowned as the 11th winner of the series.

Millions of fans

Shilpa created history when she entered the million dollar club, not literally though! Shilpa’s fans supported her to such an extent that she was trending on Twitter worldwide and then went on to make history by trending again, this time with over a million tweets. That was an iconic moment, though other contestants did trend with million tweets it all started with Shilpa. Even during the mall elimination, we could easily see the crowd chanting Shilpa’s name. She was saved from elimination courtesy majority of votes.

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Celebrities behind her

The 40 years old actress has won millions of hearts. If one goes through all the interviews of celebrities on the internet, one will find a majority of names rooting for Shilpa. Now the question will arise that even Vikas is getting support from many celebrities. However, the difference is that the celebs supporting Vikas are his friends while Shilpa has earned a new fan base among the celebrities. So, there’s mighty possibility that the lady’s vote banks might get filled with the fans of other popular celebrities.


Well, we are not saying that Shilpa has done anything to garner sympathy, nonetheless, the actress has gained major love from the audience. People empathize with her and there’s a sense of sympathy for the actress. The prime example of the same is this week’s episode when media entered the house and the whole cooking topic was raised, one could easily see how Shilpa was compared as an Indian housewife and their importance. Honestly, this could be a real turning point for Shilpa’s graph in the house.

This is an exclusive business banking prediction for our readers. We could be right or wrong, which we will only know on 14 January night. Who do you guys think should win Bigg Boss 11? Comment below your favorites and keep supporting them.

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