Raman is really angry. The vitim of his anger isn’t Ishita this time. Its Shagun. He goes to Shagun’s house and says where is Aadi. She says he has gone out. Raman says I swear to God I will so bad to you both that you have never even thought of. Raman has bombarded Shagun with question.

The humiliation that Ishita had to face was conspiracy and Raman is on a rampage to seek revenge from the responsible. The person who gave Ishita address of bachelor party rather than all girls party was aadi. This is why Raman has gotten so angry is looking for aadi. Shagun gives clarifications that Aadi has not done this but Raman didn’t agree. Mihir says to Shagun, I and Raman asked you a million times to control aadi but what you did? You have harvested so much hatred in his heart. Mihir later realized what actually happened with Ishita. He says Abhi was invited late and Param did all this.

Simi comes home and tells Raman everything. Raman says no one is going to stop me this time. I won’t leave him this time. Ishita tries to control him but Raman didn’t listen to her.

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