Ranveer and Ishani are ina reception party. They take selies and photos together. They exchnage smiles and are having a good time. This is just a teaser. Ishani is still mad at Ranveer. Ritika comes there to give flowers to Ranveer and Ishani.

Ishani tells the reporter, we are having fake smiles and trying to pretend that we are a normal couple in front of people. Zaveri uncle comes with his daughter Ritika. Ranveer says yes me and Ritika used to like each other but Ishani came between us. Ishani says, she loved me but liked her. Ranveer says why are you getting angry and envious? You don’t love Ranveer at all. Ishani says I am not angry I am saying every boy is the same. Ishani says, I am trying to respect imin front of people as my mom asked me. The wounds are still bleeding though. Ranveer says, I have become a sandwich between two.

The love triangle will soon come to and end as Ritika will get married to chiragh. They will be together and will be against Ranveer and Ishani.

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