Abhi and Pragya are seen running on the bike after escaping from kidnappers clutch. Reporter says love is not easy, have to cross the fire pond to reach the destination. He says Abhi is doing the super stunt and escaping. He says Abhi’s bike even hits the goons. It is actually Pragya’s effect. she confesses love to Abhi when she was caught with fire all around her. Abhi is shocked. Pragya says she will not be sad if anything happens to her after confessing her heart talk. Abhi says he enjoyed well.

Pragya says he also enjoyed. Reporter says there is a golmaal in the bhagam bhagam. Abhi and Pragya was vanished after sometime and their place was taken by the stunt man. Abhi and Pragya are seen celebrating someone’s birthday. Reporter asks Abhi and Pragya to thank the corporator. Abhi thanks him and says he will see what shall do. Corporator says he is doing his work. Reporter says Corporator made Pragya say I love you to Abhi. Keep reading.4

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