Urmi tries to talk to Ishaan, but he ignores her and leaves. Kaise Manawo plays……..Urmi is teary eyed. Urmi is trying to agree Ishaan. He felt bad of her words and leaves the place. She goes behind him and is teary eyed. Reporter says Ishaan’s mummy ji is provoking her son and also Urmi. She asks her to go to her mother’s house. Urmi says she misunderstood Ishaan.

Actually he brought evening cocktail gown for her, but it gets replaced and some other vulgar nighty gets delivered. She thinks he is also like other men. Ofscreen, Kamya says she gets money for her act. Ishaan tells the reporter that Kamya is tensed. Reporter says she heard this dialogue on Yeh hai Mohabbatein’s set. We know well about you are Raman’s love story. Keep reading.

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