Sid gets down his car. Reporter says DD gets shocked seeing her Jamai wearing suits and getting down the car. Roshini is also surprised. Simran shocks Roshini by informing her that her husband Sid is not a middle class man, but a wealthy man of the town. Roshini says his surname was kukreja before, but now it is Khurana. She hates Khurana very much. DD says her relation is may be shocked or wow, but she has accepted him. She will digest the fact.

Reporter says Sid’s reality came out in the party thrown for DD’s associates. Sid says he realized that the bonding between Roshini and DD is not there so hide the fact. Simran takes Sid from there. Roshini says any relation can’t bear a lie. Sid says things have changed and he have decided to say it. Reporter says it is just a promo shoot, and the real picture is still to come. Keep reading.

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