Samrat comes to the tea stall. The man recognizes him to be Samrat Singh Thakur and insults him. Samrat says he comes after happiness. Reporter says Samrat’s condition is really bad with torn clothes and bearded look, and his condition is not less than a cat. Samrat says tiger doesn’t become a cat if lives in cage. Reporter says Samrat spent 6 years in jail and has become more dangerous now. This twist is because of the leap. Samrat says Samrat has step out of jail after 6 years and it must have been tough journey for him.

Reporter says Urmi’s look has changed too and she has become modern. People are teasing him about his look, but he is liking. Samrat says he told producer to do something about his look. Samrat wants to look handsome always. At one side Samrat is roaming tensedly, and at the other side Urmi had got married to Ishaan and is staying with her son. Her family will be modern. Her mum in law will be Kamya Punjabi and father in law will be Avinash. He says until when she will stay away from Samrat’s eyes.

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