Karishma has worn saari and hs adopted desi attire.

Off screen: Akshara says, she is looking very pretty. She is very uncomfortable as she is wearing saari for first time both and off scree. She doesn’t know how to handle it but she will learn eventually. Divyani says, there is no lipstick and short dresses. She is wearing saari, engagement ring and bindi. She finally looks like my daughter in law. I hope she will stay the same. Natik says lets see what attire she will keep after wedding. Karishma says, I will go by this route from now and on. This is for my mother in law. Divyani says I just hope she fulfills her promise.

Akshara says I don’t think she will carry this. Lets see if I change her or she changes me.

Naksh’s hand is fractured and Karishma is handling him. Akshara is b it bugged with natik. He throws a flower on her.

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