Akshara wakes up and finds that her hand is roped with Natik. Natik is sleeping, Akshara says what is this? Natik says please let me sleep. Akshara says I have to get Naksh ready and make lunch for him. The family has roped them as they slept late mast night. When Akshara couldn’t free her hand she lies down there with Natik. Divyani and Bhabhi maa come in. Divyani says yes you are the only one who knows what Naksh eats in lunch and breakfast. She gives them juice and asked them to rest. bhabhi maa says I asked Divyani to do this. Divyani says we have sent Naksh to school no sleep both of you.

There is a love triangle in the house between, alok, muskaan and Rashmi.

Off screen: Akshara says we were working till late last night, so the family bound our hands. I wake up at 5 am no matter how late I sleep. So I woke up, but they bound me so I can’t go anywhere. Natik says we got to know that muskaan and Alok like each other but now there is something from rashmi’s side as well. Akshara says its kind of a love triangle. Everyone in the house want to get alok married to rashmi because they don’t know that alok and muskaan like each other.

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