Ishita is in tears and emotionally looks at Raman who is in tears too and trying to hold up his tears.

Reporter says, Ruhi is miffed and Raman is miffed too, Ruhi is in anger while Raman is emotional, mohabbatein has become hatred. This is pain of parents who first didn’t get entry in birthday party of their daughter.

Guard says to Raman that you can’t go inside, Raman pushes away guards and goes in. Ruhi says to Raman that now you have come so enjoy party, i don’t care about you people.

Reporter says, Ruhi ignored her parents in party then she broke the gift which Raman and Ishita brought for her with love. It was collage of their pictures. Ruhi says to servant that this frame and throw it away. Ishita is shocked.

Reporter says, Raman and Ishita bear all this and prayed that she will return to her family.

Off-screen Ishita says, it used to pain me earlier that my daughter is behaving rudely but now that we know, her mind is poisoned and she is not really seeing things clearly then you give benefit of doubt to person and kind of are prepared for these things beforehand only.

Reporter says, Ishita wore trendy dress. Ishita says, i like material’s blouse, me and my designer selected this saree. I had earlier come for Ruhi and now i have come for Ruhi too. Awkwardness is there with Raman still, earlier there was no Shagun in house but now she is.

Reporter says, 27days are left to make Ruhi comeback to them so twists come in serial.

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