Ishita has reached an all men party. She is stuck in a lot of thugs. They are circling around her and says pleas to levave them. She has reached Ashok’s bachelors party. All the men started teasing her there.

Ishita says, when I reached there i found that its an all men party and they are all drunk. I am stuck in Ashok’s party.

Param was among those men who were teasing Ishita instead of saving her. She thought Ashok might help her but Ashok was with Param as well. She was in tears when she couldn’t find a way to escape. When she ran from the party Ashok and Param even chased her. Ishita says, these are the thugs that belong to my family. That’s the most weird part about it.

In Shagun’s party, Mihika and Shagun were enjoying on the dance floor while Simi was sitting alone on a side. Shagun says, this is the first party Mihika arranged and its really good. We are enjoying a lot. She says yes we are waiting for ishita she might be late.

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