Shagun has dressed as a traditional bride on her wedding day. She goes to Ashok’s room and says Ashok open the door. No one responds. Ishita and Raman and there as well. Media comes as well coverages the bizarre situation. When door opens, Ashok is in vast and mihika in in his bed. Everyone is dazed. Ishita and Raman are speechless while Mihir is broken. Shagun’s dreams have been shattered. No one belives their sight.

Shagun was ready to marry Ashok and dressed as a bride for him. She found out that Ashok is in hotel room with some girl. She went to the hotel and asked Ashok to open the door. Everyone gets bewildered to see Mihika in Ashok’s bed. Shagun blames Ishita by saying, what a drama you are. Your sister’s illegitimate relationship has broken my legitimate one. You have ruined my life. ‘

Ishita says, we thought that there must be something wrong happening with Shagun bt we figured that its all of us. Mihika gave a shock and her life is destroying. I have no clue whats gonna happen next.

Reporter says, Mihik wanted to expose Ashok’s reality and save Shagun’s life. Entire media got proofs of all this. Ishita says, it was all mihika’s plan. Mihika says the plan was that, once and for all Ashok’s real face should be exposed. When plans go wrong you call it a mistake. That is what has happened to me.

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