Mein preshaan.. Mein preshaan.. song plays, Ishita is in kitchen with Mihika and she is confused, at the same time angry.

Reporter says, by listening to this song and seeing Ishita’s expression, you must have understood that Ishita is in tension. Tension is like this that she was blabbering something in her mouth and Raman Kumar Bhalla overheard it, now she is embarrassed and has lost her senses, She is doing mistakes, she is messing up things and Mihika has noticed this too. Reporter says, tell us, if someone puts Bombay mix(nimko) in refrigerator then wont you understand that there is something wrong with that person?

Reporter says, Ishita poured her heart out to herself but Raman listened it and now Ishita can’t digest this fact.

Off-screen Ishita says, I don’t know, I was in different romantic mood today. I liked the words of Raman, it touched my heart so I started dreaming about Raman. The first problem is the brewing romance between us and the second problem is that Raman listened to my talk. I was talking about my heart thing and Raman has overheard it is what I think. So, now I am pretty scared that what will happen now.

Reporter says, even when Ishita is in problem, she doesn’t neglect her duties as a daughter in law that’s why in absence of mother in law, she served breakfast to father is law.

Reporter says, off-screen too, Ishita doesn’t hurt sentiments of fans and she takes selfies with her fans. Ishita is shown meeting a fan and taking a selfie with her.

Reporter says, this was bound to happen one day, you are in love and you should inform to Raman as you don’t look good in tension.

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