Ishita has brought Shagun her home.

She tells reporter that yes I am from the people who do their own loss. I have brought my husband’s other wife to my own home. At the end of teh day she is a woman. She was on the way and she was drunk so i had to bring her with me.

Reporter says was Param not enough to ruin your life that you brought Shagun home too.

Raman comes in and asks romi what are you doing here ?
Mrs. Bhalla says you said you are going to office what are you doing here ? And tell us who is with you? Ishita says why is there Param’s reservation and what are you people doing here in his name? Simmi says are you not liking it? You are such a shameful woman. Mama thank God we came here and saw her.

Reporter says, instead of Param romi got found with a girl in farm house. Param comes in ask says why are you trying to accuse me. Ishita says to romi how you came here ? he says you asked me to. Simmi says yeah this is all her planning. Raman says will you explain ?

Simmi off screen says I like to accuse her because she keeps blaming my husband. Ishita says she trusts her husband like people trust God. They both laugh. Simmi says i like it that my husband is not caught. ishita says he will get caught one day.

Reporter says, for now its not param but you who is in trouble. Even your husband is doubting you. Ishita tells the reporter that Raman asked me what is this ? I went blank like I am deaf and dumb. I wasn’t in position to speak. Simmi says I think it was her plan to get my husband caught.

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