Ishita hugs ruhi in tears, Raman watches them, his eyes are wet as well. Ishita sleeps with her. Someone is trying apart them both. Ishita holds Shagun’s feet and begs her for ruhi but raman and rumi stop her. Shagun doesn’t listen to her.
Shagun asks raman to sign contract that will give him aadi for 4 lac. Raman ratifies it. Everyone is happy for aadi arrival. Later ishita reads the contract and says what is it shagun? I wont give my ruhi to you. Shagun says i am alone but not weak. Ishita says i wont give my ruhi to you. ishita says the contract says clearly that raman will give me ruhi.

Off screen: Shagun says she has come to an extent where she is not thinking anything. I am gonna make raman sign the agreement. Toshi says she made a deal with Raman that she will take 4 lac for aadi. Later she said the contract had another part that she will take ruhi. Aadi says I am disappointed with what my mom has done.

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