Ashok is trying to present Mihika responsible for all this. He says, Shagun I was always yours. This Mihika here and provoked me. I am so sorry I was drunk and couldn’t control. Tell me what a man will do if a woman seduces him. He says Mihika you have to tell everyone the truth that you seduced me. Raman says shut up Ashok.

Shagun is still trusting Ashok though. She says to Mihir look Mihika has seduced him. Mihir says God’s sake open your eyes Shagun. You know Mihika and you know very well she can’t do this. Your husband to be is responsible for all this. Raman says, why you never listen to other shagun. mihik just wanted to expose his reality. Mihika is shattered because of the accusations on her.

Mihika tells the reporter, I had to cry in that scene, I don’t know why I felt so bad and was still crying after the shot. Mihir(Raj) came and hugged me to console me. Ashok says, tit for tat. I knew that she is playing a game so I played a game with her.

This drama has broken Mihir’s heart the most. He doesn’t know what will happen next. Mihir says, either I will leave Mihika or she will come back to me.

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