Wow! Anupamaa’s Alpana Buch has a special message for these costars, Check out

MUMBAI: Tvmag is back with yet another update from the telly world. Anupamaa has been one of the most adored shows on television; its gripping storyline and contemporary themes educate the audiences about different issues, from domestic violence and live-in relationships to familial bonds.

In this video we see that Alpana Buch aka Baa is wishing a happy monsoon to Paras aka Samar and Nidhi aka Kinjal and the viewers. Take a look at this video to see the reaction of Paras aka Samar.

Meanwhile in the show, Adhik and Pakhi’s love affair is not at all acceptable to Anupamaa. So, what will happen next in the upcoming storyline is worth watching ahead. Let’s see how Anupamaa and Vanraj’s journey once again will start together with Pakhi and Adhik’s affair.

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