When Madalsa aka Kavya GOOFED up while performing with her onscreen niece Nandini

Star Plus show Anupamaa has left no stone unturned to keep viewers hooked to the screen.

While Vanraj and Anupamaa’s relationship had faced a lot of complications, Anupamaa’s life totally changed when she came to know about her husband’s affair with Kavya.

The trio’s life is constantly witnessing ups and downs ever since Kavya and Vanraj’s affair was exposed.

On the other hand, Kavya’s relationship with her niece Nandini also changed a lot.

While Nandini and Kavya always cared for each other, the former was never in support of her aunt having an extramarital affair with Vanraj.

Nandini stood behind Kavya when she needed her help but she also made sure not to support her maasi in doing something wrong.

The audience has seen Kavya and Nandini’s changing dynamics on the show Anupamaa.

The previous episode saw how Kavya offers Nandini her lehenga as she gears up for her engagement with Samar.

Well, while the onscreen bond is complicated, the duo shares a heartwarming relationship in real life.

A video shared by Anagha Bhosale shows how Madala Sharma goofed up as they made a fun Instagram reel.

Anagha reveals that Madalsa goofed up even after properly rehearsing before making the reel.

However, their beautiful and fun off-sync moment is simply delightful to see.

What do you think about Madalsa and Anagha’s off-screen fun? Tell us in the comments.

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