What! Siddarth Shukla wants to date Madhurima Tuli

Bigg Boss 13 was one of the most successful shows on television and created new records when it came to the TRP charts. One of the reasons why the show was so successful was because of the contestants and the content that they gave.

Siddharth Shukla was one of the most popular and loved contestants in the Bigg Boss house. Since day one, the actor has left his mark in the show, though he was frequently known for the wrong reasons.

He grabbed the headlines for his fights with Rashami and Asim. In spite of all the negativity around him, he still emerged as the winner of the show.

On the other hand, Madurima made headlines for her relationship with Vishal, which was a huge topic of discussion. She was eliminated because of violence in the house.

Now, we came across a video where Siddarth is seen telling Madurima that he would like to date her.

In the video, Siddarth is seen flirting with Madurima and tells her that he would like to know her.

Madhurima refuses but Siddarth tells to think over it, and she tells him to meet her in half-hour. When she is seen hugging Vishal, Siddharth tells her that he is waiting for her and she should come soon.

Well, everything was done in fun and to entertain the audiences.

Siddarth was the most popular among the female contestants.

He has made it big in showbiz with his sheer hard work and determination.

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