What! Are Addite Malik and Mohit Malik expecting their second child?

MUMBAI: Mohit Malik and Addite Shirwaikar Malik are preparing to become parents once more after their first baby was born last year (2021). Baby Ekbir was born to the couple on April 29, 2021. They are now enjoying parenthood to the fullest, and are ready to expand their family soon. There is news doing the rounds that Addite is currently in her first trimester, although the news has not been confirmed on social media yet.

Mohit had been very busy shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 and decided to take some time out of his hectic timetable and took his family for vacation. Addite, Mohit and son Ekbir flew for a well-deserved vacation.

Addite has been away from television for many years and switched careers to become a successful entrepreneur. The former actress now owns hotel chains in Mumbai and Bengaluru. She has also been successfully managing her mommy duties and restaurant business.

Right now, Mohit is also busy with his web show which he is shooting for in Africa, and this has made it tough for him to leave his son Ekbir in India. The actor was very expressive with his emotions in his interviews and was emotional about staying away from his son.

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