Vishal Karwal says Hina can emerge as a winner in Bigg Boss

The endemolShine produced notorious reality show aired on Colors has become the talk of the town. With all the problems, cat fights and the drama unfolding in the house, it has really become a very convoluted atmosphere in the BB mansion.
Hina Khan has been one contestant in the house who has been much talked about and off late she has been really facing the brunt of the person she is. Call it bad timing, lack of patience or plain bad decision, she is now down-voted by the contestants. However, some of her friends from the Tellydom have come out in support for the TV bahu.
Vishal Karwal who has been watching this season says, “It’s a very difficult house to be in…
Situations, even your own reactions are not in your control It can actually bring out the worst in you. But the concept of the show is to frustrate you and make you react, which we are seeing with a lot of contestants this year.”
Speaking about one of his favorites which is Hina Khan he says “Viewers should also not be very judgmental and be more understanding. She is a strong woman who could triumph as a winner!”

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