Vikkas was provoked and pushed by Archana, says the former’s wife Guunjan

MUMBAI : Being at loggerheads is one thing but crossing all limits in a fit of rage and turning physical or causing harm to others is another. That’s exactly what Archana Gautam did on Bigg Boss 16 last night. Archana, who was expelled earlier for getting physical with Shiv Thakare, did an encore of sorts with Vikkas Manaktala. So, what happened last night? Archana was in the kitchen when Vikkas tried to boil water for tea. She told him to stop rather crudely and soon an argument ensued. However, what followed has drawn sharp criticism for Archana from the audience and Vikkas’ supporters. Archana threw the pot of water that was kept on the stove with Vikkas and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary standing in close proximity.

Now, Vikkas’ wife, Guunjan Walia has come forward in support of her husband. She says, “Kitchen is common to all contestants. Vikkas only removed a pot from one of the burners, which he felt wasn’t being used, to boil water for tea. Was it such a big deal to lose your cool and pick a fight? He was very calm and composed in the beginning. Archana instigated him and threw the pan of boiling water. Vikkas and Priyanka, who were standing close, could have been hurt. Even then, they didn’t make an issue about it. Had it been Archana, she would have demanded their eviction with immediate effect. She was the one who kept screaming and shouting, while Vikkas and Priyanka maintained their dignity.”

During the argument, Vikkas snatched the pan that Archana held right in front of his face and threw it to the ground. However, he apologized for his behaviour eventually. Talking about the same Guunjan says, “Vikkas was provoked and pushed to do that. He apologized for it, too. However, despite witnessing what transpired in the kitchen, Sumbul (Touqeer Khan) told others that Vikkas pushed Archana though it was the other way round. Why are they setting false narratives against him? That wasn’t cool. Is it because he is new in the house and they have difficulty accepting him, as he stands for the right? He still went out and had the courtesy to apologize, while Archana kept egging him on.”

Guunjan calls him a lone warrior and is certain that he will sail through any rough patch. “Kudos to Vikkas for taking up the challenge of entering the house midway while others have already forged friendships and connections. He has been following his heart right from the word go and the first task. I guess, that’s why he isn’t liked by some inside the house. He unmasked them immediately after his entry. He is way bigger than these petty issues and is a very strong guy. He is a warrior. I am so proud of him and the way he is on the show,” she ends with a smile.

This is the second time, Archana has provoked a contestant and turned violent. A zebra can’t change its stripes. Isn’t it?

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