Chakor is singing bhajan infront of Gandhiji’s photo. Reporter says, Chakor wants independence that’s why she is singing a bhajan infront of Bapu’s pic and praying for her independence.

Chakor says, she wants to be saved and get away from the bad impression from her hand. She even offers banana as prasad during the shooting, but then later eat the banana when got hungry. Chakor says, I shared banana with Gandhiji.

Reporter says, when we asks Chakor to tell Gandhiji’s full name. She replied people call him Bapu but his name is Gandhiji. She even wore new clothes and was looking happy.

Chakor tells that Aditya’s mummy gave her new clothes and slippers. She shows off her clips, clothes and slippers. Reporter says, we wants to see you smiling always and Gandhiji gets independence for you. Keep reading.

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