TV actress Shaily Priya Pandey opens up on her character in the upcoming show Kismat Ki Lakeeron Se

MUMBAI: Actress Shaily Priya Pandey will be essaying the female lead in the show Kismat Ki Lakeeron Se by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms which will air on Shemaroo Umang. Predominantly, she is known for playing lead role of Pavitra in Azaad’s television show Pavitraa Bharose Ka Safar. She has also appeared in several TV shows such as Shaadi Ke Siyape, Aap Ke Aa Jane Se, Jag Janani Maa Vaisho Devi and Queens Hain Hum.

Describing her character she tells,”Shraddha is the one who tries to keep her family together. The characters I have played before were quite head strong girl though positive but Shraddha is soft natured girl compared to them. So I had to unlearn many things from my past roles inorder to get into the skin of this character. She is family oriented and can compromise on 10 things just to make the ends meet. My tonality in other roles were very sharp whereas in this its very subtle so the way of dealing things is contrasting.”

Talking about what prompted her to take up the role she states,”The character Shradha was something which I had the liberty to chose to audition for among the other characters they were looking for. Also it comes under Rashmi Sharma productions which is a big production and if they are considering me for main lead so obviously I would say yes.”

Giving insight about the show she says,”The one liner of the show is a women can make the house or break the house. It’s a story of two sisters Shraddha and Keerti. Shraddha is the elder one who shoulders all the responsibility, is sorted and financially stable whereas the younger one Kirti is completely opposite, is vivacious and irresponsible. Eventually, Shraddha was supposed to get married to a guy who shares a similar personality to her but he liked her younger sister Keerti’s happy go lucky nature and calls off the marriage with Shraddha and gets married to Keerti. But later on he realizes his mistake as his life gets disrupted by marrying Keerti. Whereas his younger brother who is also a jaunty and frisky happens to get married to Shradha due to some family involvement. But his broken life gets ironned out after marrying her.”

Speaking about if it gets monotonous on playing a character for long time in TV she shares,”Acting is my passion so it’s never going to bore me out. But even if it does it’s upon oneself how unique you can include unique elements in your job to make it amusing and entertaining, that defines creativity.”

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