Trolling is a crime; celebs should rein fans

Ekta Kapoor’s befitting reply to her trolls sets us thinking about how people misuse social platforms. Trolling is an atrocious trend that has been engulfing the internet lately. A growing number of people find spend time trolling and degrading others.

The internet is a bottomless pit. It’s filled with aspects that can intrigue you and, at the same time, disgust you. We’re heading towards (if not already in) a completely digital world. Social media is an important tool. However, often times, the power of social media is misused to harass others and bully them

We need to have strict rules on cyberbullying. Laws need to be put in place so that people don’t have to go through such torment. Furthermore, celebrities should rein their fans in and call out their behaviour. That is the only way we reduce the amount of hate on the internet.

Ssara Khan, who has been trolled in the recent past said, ‘Trolls have become a fashion and I feel that if we actors start paying attention to this we will forget our happiness and will develop mental sickness. I feel bad that in the bargain of avoiding negativity, we end up missing all the positive things that people have to say about us. I also feel bad when people bring religion in between all of this. I hope people start using their education in a proper way.’

Shubhangi Atre added, ‘Trolling is very irritating and funny too at times. Trollers just do this to spread negativity. I feel that if there is something against your sense of understanding, raise your voice but there is a way to do it. One doesn’t need to disrespect or pollute somebody’s post. There is always a perfect and gentle way to respond.’

Well said, you two!

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