These actors almost played the role of Ashish in Zee TV’s Maitree, check out the full list here

MUMBAI:Maitree brings you a story of love and friendship between Maitree (played by Shrenu Parikh) and her soul sister Nandini (played by Bhaweeka Chaudhary). The two best friends have been inseparable since their childhood, so much so that their mothers also question them as to what they will do when either of them gets married.

While they are sure that nothing can break their friendship and that they will remain best friends even after marriage, it seems that life has its own plans for them. Despite getting married in the same house, with Maitree marrying Saaransh (played by Zaan Khan) and Nandini with Ashish (played by Namish Taneja) respectively, a shocking turn of events in their lives change everything.

Namish Taneja plays the role of  Ashish in the show, but according to reports and rumors, the role was offered to other handsome hunks on TV, before it was offered to Namish. Check out the names of the actors who were reportedly approached to play the role of Ashish in Maitree.

Ravi Dubey: He was one of the primary choices but he is focusing on his OTT shows and movies right now.`
Mohit Malik: Mohit was also one of the people considered for the role. As per reports, he had prior commitments.

Pearl V Puri: As per reports, Pearl was also approached to play the role of Ashish in the show, but he was busy shooting for his debut movie Yaariyaan 2.

Shaheer Sheikh: Shaheer Sheikh is a pretty popular actor and he too could not do the role because he is already doing other projects.

Eventually, the role ended up with Namish Taneja, who is also a beloved actor. Now, we cannot imagine a better fit for Ashish.

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