Yuvraj starts singing in ceremony, he sings Dilbar mere. Reporter says, this is re-marriage of Suhani and Yuvraj but Yuvraj was not so loving in his first marriage with Suhani. Yuvraj comes to Suhani, both sing song together and dances romantically, Reporter says that time love was one sided but now Yuvraj is totally in love. Reporter says, Suhani has glow on her face.

Off-screen, Yuvraj sings Do dil Mil rahe hain. Yuvraj jokes that why you are so desperate to marry me.

Reporter says, if everything remains same then this time marriage will happen in delightful manner, Dadi has accepted Suhani too and has given her ancestor necklace.

Suhani has new born child in her hands. Reporter says, Yuvraj confessed his love yesterday only and now Suhani has child in her hands. Reporter says, this is not Suhani’s child but her nephew, the child was not present on set so toy was used as child.

Reporter says, Yuvraj has accepted Suhani and Dadi has accepted her too so soon Suhani will have her own child in hands.

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