Sneha Wahg reveals her struggle with pronunciation of Hindi for “Jyoti”.

Doesn’t matter where you work, hard work and dedication is the recipe for success. Actress Sneha Wagh recently spoke about her journey through her first Hindi television show Jyoti, which is currently having a re-telecast on television owing to the coronavirus lockdown.

Hailing from a Marathi entertainment industry, she talks about the extra efforts she put to get the phonetics demanded by the Hindi Television industry perfect. Remembering her time on the sets of Jyoti she said, “The biggest problem with me back then was the Hindi language. I came from a convent school and the Marathi Industry. So, for me the language was a little bit difficult to adapt.”

Though is a journey without hurdles a journey at all? And talking about the commitment to climb a step up her performance, she said, “I had to go through a lot of training to pronounce the words and to get the language right as it was my first Hindi Show. If you don’t pronounce a certain word in a certain way the emotional value of the word is lost. Since it (Jyoti) was a very humanly connected show, they wanted to maintain that. The makers were strict with me so that I learnt the language thoroughly since I had a very modern Mumbaiya Hindi.”

Now thinking back, the struggles to overcome these challenges has carved the path for her to find a valuable spot in the Hindi television industry.

Jyoti told the story of how a young woman sacrificed her dreams in order to sustain the needs of her family. She set an example of conquering all kinds of obstacles so that her family can lead a decent life.

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