Shark Tank India 2: Anupam Mittal and Aman Gupta get into a war of words, the former says, “Bakwaas karoge toh…”

MUMBAI : One of the most unusual success stories in Indian television has been Shark Tank India. Shark Tank India is a business reality television program that is shown on Sony Entertainment Television in India. The program is an Indian franchise from the United States. It depicts business owners giving pitches to a group of sharks or investors, who determine whether to fund their enterprise.

The first season was a huge hit and now the second season has begun. The show is being followed religiously by the ardent fans not just for the interesting business concepts that are showcased on every episode but also because of the charismatic judges on the show aka sharks.

During a pitch of a hair care, skin care and body care range by step brothers Sayyam and Sunny Jain, Anupam Mittal makes an offer of Rs 60 lakh for 10 % equity. Aman Gupta then comes up with the same offer but as an individual offer. Aman then says he is the “Flipkart, Amazon ka raja”. This doesn’t go down well with Anupam and he says, “Ye Amazon ka raja waja chodo this is like boasting about yourself.” He continues, “If you want a technology like Cureskin, I can help you because I’ve understood it very well and our business is related to technology.”

Aman loses his cool and says, “Many of the businesses must have shut down which they are working on.” Anupam mocks him and says, “He doesn’t know what he is talking about, you can think about the offer and come back, he is just replying as he wants to counter.”

Aman says, “Haan bhai sahab ko he sab pata hai, hum toh nadan bande hain”. To this Anupam adds, “Bakwaas karoge toh yehi realise hoga”

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