Sid and prem are in serious scuffle, they slap each other and holds each other’s collar.

Reporter says, “Sasural Simar ka” is turned into “Sasural Twists and Turns ka”. Even Simar doesn’t know when new twist will come in her sasural, everything was fine till yesterday but now brothers have become enemies. Today simar is showing anger and there is no one to calm her down.

On-screen, Sunaina in Simar’s body says to roli that its all happening because of you, you probed my vikrant against me, you told him my truth and you teamed up with him to send me off this world, its all your mistake and your simar didi will have to bear the punishment for this mistake.

Off-screen simar says, The one who is shouting is not me but sunaina inside my body as she doesn’t want to leave the world, she wants to live with husband and child so she is doing all this. She understood at end moment that we all were doing drama and that her husband and daughter is alive so she posses my body again and is yelling at Roli.

Reporter says, If you all are thinking that sid and prem will make simar calm then you are wrong because these brothers are also affected by twists and turns, misunderstanding have crept in their relation too, they have lifted their hands on each other. Sid slaps prem then prem slaps sid, fight follows. sid says to prem that how can you think, I don’t care for you? prem says, yes. Sid says, enough don’t say a word now otherwise.. Prem ask what will you do then? will you beat me? he pushes sid away, sid slaps him hard in reaction.

Reporter says, Simar’s family is breaking. One side brothers are fighting, other side simar and prem’s relation is breaking too. Prem’s heart is broken, seeing simar’s rude behavior, prem thinks that he is being deceived and his brother is involved in all this.

Off-screen sid jokes that he slapped me hard. Prem says, I was also shocked reading the script that I am going to raise hand on siddhant, I mean I worship him, he is my big brother so when I read the script, I was shocked but the scene was very well shot. Sid jokes that my brother worship in different style that he slapped me, actually its a new turn in show, to send sunaina from the world, we asked vikrant to fill sunaina’s forehead with vermilion but prem suddenly comes there and cannot see the ghost so he thought that vikrant is filling simar’s forehead that’s why he lost his tamper and slapped me the we fought and I enjoyed.

On-screen, prem says to sid that you don’t care about me, you still thinks that simar is innocent, all you care is for simar and roli, cant you see my pain. Reporter says, people are liking this twist and now it is to be seen that how much this twist will work.