Sara Khan: If you are mentally fit, good health follows

Actress Sara Khan has been taking special care of her health during the pandemic. She realises that besides physical health, mental health is an area of immense importance during such stressful times.

“It is very important that you are mentally fit first. If you are fit in the mind and think positive, good health follows,” said Sara.

Talking about how she keeps healthy, Sara says she makes sure to eat well and work out.

“I don’t eat from outside at all. I eat on time and maintain a strict regime when it comes to exercise and diet. It is important that I sleep on time and avoid eating food that does not suit my body,” she says.

Sara, who has been part of many TV shows such as “Sasural Simar Ka”, “Bhagyalaxmi”, “Kavach”, “Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki”,”Namah” and “Santoshi Maa”, says that everyone needs to come up with their own personal diet and exercise plan.

“Good health is the most important wealth you will have in your life. Each body type reacts differently to the food and surroundings, and so it is important to understand what to eat, how much portion to consume and exercise regularly,” she says.

The actress adds that celebrities need to be role models for their fans.

“As celebs, we are constantly in front of people and therefore, we have to take extra care of our fitness levels. I am hoping and praying that the pandemic vanishes from our lives and we all go back to living our normal lives,” she says.

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