Salman Khan reacts on the backlash for Race 3

MUMBAI: Superstar Salman Khan has dismissed the Twitter backlash against the trailer of his next big ticket film Race 3, stating that comments by people with one or two followers do not qualify as trolling.

The Race 3 trailer that released earlier this month has attracted jokes and memes galore on social media.

On Monday, at the launch of the new season of Dus Ka Dum, Salman was asked about the buzz around Race 3. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said the actor, urging the scribe to mention the trolling.

Salman counter-questioned, “Are you trolling it? You know who is trolling it?”

When the scribe said ‘a lot of people’, Salman said, “Those guys with one follower or two followers? That’s trolling? Who’s controlling that trolling, you know? No? How sad. So, when guys with one, two, three, four followers troll, it’s not trolling.”

Salman was in a witty mood as he also remarked on the response to the Race 3 song Selfish, penned by him. He chose a musical way to respond to a reporter and joked, “This song is also written by me. It hasn’t been released. It will be released soon and then get trolled.”

The actor has sung the title track for Dus Ka Dum, which will premiere on June 4 on Sony Entertainment Television.

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