SAB TV’s Dil Deke Dekho gears up for ‘Pati Patni League

IPL (Indian Premier League) will soon begin and give a chance for cricket lovers to rejoice.

But even before it could hit screens, the cricket fever has already taken over the cast of SAB TV’s popular daily Dil Deke Dekho (Siddhant Vision Pvt Ltd).

The much loved comedy series will soon come up with an exciting track where the entire cast will be seen playing cricket.

Our source informs us, “Viewers will get to see an interesting cricket match titled as PPL (Pati Patni League). As the name suggests, the matches will be pitted against the husband and wive’s team. The track will unfold in a way that the wives will be unhappy with the fact that their husbands are playing cricket most of the times. So the ladies will challenge their men for a cricket match with a condition that whoever will lose the match, will have to listen and obey the orders of the winning team.”

Interestingly, the men would be seen quite skilled in the game, unlike the ladies. It would be fun to see how the match will go on between the teams.

When we contacted Abhishek Bajaj, he said, “We are having a lot of fun on sets. IPL is on its way, and thus I feel the track has come at the right time. I have always enjoyed cricket and getting to play on sets is a great feel.”

“The weather is so hot but still everyone is so enthusiastic to shoot for this sequence. We continue to play cricket even after we finish with our scenes,” he added.
Quite interesting! Isn’t it?

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