Radha crushes pot on Urmi’s head and She falls on floor. Everyone pretends like she has passed away. This is yet another trick to kick Radha out. Jigar says, you have killed her. paridhi syas here is the CCTV camera footage. You hit her. Radha sits in Jigar’s feet and says please don’t send me to jail. I have your kid in my womb.

Kokila says, the death drama of Urmi has somehow worked. Radha is misery to us and we have to play tricks to kick her out. Gopi says, whenever something happens Urmi has to be the main lead in the drama. We can’t play our games without her.

Radha says, I promise everyone I won’t do anything bad. I will be sitting in a corner all my life but please don’t call cops.

Off screen: Kinjal says, Urmi was not part of all this but Pari and Gopi asked her for helpUrmi said to me why don’t you help them. I agreed but at the time of scene she came under the pot.

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