Rashi is back. Her soul hasn’t got peace. In search of it she came back to his Jigar. Jigar is talking to her and they enjoying their time. She is not scaring Paridhi or anyone in the family. She is just here to spend time with Tolu molu and Jigar.

Jigar tells the reporter, I saw a dream that the ghost has come so finally its here. I saw her in the dream and thought how can we bring her back. Rashi says, that’s very sweet. He called at told me all this. Entire family is laughing on the on the ghost.

Ahem says, she wasn’t Rashi. She was Rucha. She is not back in the show she just came on the set to meet all of us. Rashi says, I was very glad to come back here after long. I really like it to see Jigar in new look. Behind the laughing, It was Pari’s plan. She did laughing spray in the living room. Everyone dropped off while lauging.

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